Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cautiously Optimistic

The Renaissance Trail, along the Columbia River, adjacent to my new townhome-to-be

I had three showings of my house this week. On the same day. In the span of an hour. Seriously. Guess what? Holiday slump is over.

One of the showings was a realtor with a single mom and two bored teens. They walked thru the house, asked no questions and left. Whatever.

Second showing was a nice couple from a neighboring area. They called back that evening to ask a few questions and express their interest in my house. But they need to sell their house first, and have not even listed it. OK. Whatever.

Final showing was a second-look couple. They saw my house in the fall, said they loved it but would need to sell their house first. I gave them the big fat whatever and forgot about them.

But now? A neighbor of theirs wants to buy their house and use it as a rental. They are sitting down with that neighbor on Saturday to put things in writing. If they come out of that meeting with a written contract, they'll be making an offer on my house.

(They say) they are already pre-qualified for their next mortgage. (They say) the neighbor is someone that they do not anticipate will have a problem purchasing their house, and does not need to sell his current house to do so. (They say) they've looked at every house for sale in the area between the fall and now, and ours is the only one they've been interested in.

I am optimistic, but trying not to be too hopeful. Because hopeful leads to disappointed and disappointed leads to stabby. And frankly, the way I've been feeling lately, if this deal falls apart, I am likely to fuck someone up.

Cross your fingers (and hide the knives).


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Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

It sounds like Anonymous up there is qualified to buy your house, too. *snort*

I have my fingers crossed. :-)