Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Have you ever done that thing where you're involved in an interaction with someone, who may or may not be your husband, and that someone "gets mad" about something, but the thing that they are mad about is so fucking ridiculous that you assume they are joking, especially because the magnitude of their over exaggerated anger is so dramatic that it verges on comical; and because you think they are being funny you continue to egg it on by engaging in the same behavior that brought on said dramatically comical anger; but then eventually you realize that the whole thing is actually fucking real and OMG are you shitting me? You're upset about THAT? And then you start to think about moving into a sweet little house built for one, or maybe just living in the in-store model home inside of ikea and eating meatballs every day and changing your name and never answering your phone again, because SERIOUSLY? WE'RE FIGHTING ABOUT THIS? You have got to be shitting me.


Keetha said...

It's one of those things they don't ever ever tell you when you're young, that men do not ever grow up. (Most of them, anyway) remain babies for always. Wah.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...


smart aleck said...

Were you spying on me this weekend?

btw, men have PMS too...theirs coincides with the Full Moon (hence my nickname for it of FMS)