2011 - The Year of the F*ing Puzzle

Because I have finally and truly gone 'round the bend, I am going to chronicle the adventure of putting together the f*ing 1000 pc puzzle of BEADS. It will be a story of epic drama. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll report me to child protective services. 2011, hence forth known as THE YEAR OF THE F*ING PUZZLE, or the year the puzzle tried to kill me, or the year I killed someone because of a stupid puzzle.

1/5/11 - yeah, no one has touched the f*ing puzzle. this may be a very short-lived experiment. In fact, if we don't pick up some momentum this weekend, the f*ing puzzle is going to goodwill! jigsaw fail.

1/4/11 - no puzzle related deaths. yet. My son Taylor walked past the dining room table this morning and said, hey, there's yoru edge pieces. Yeah. the ones I searched for and could not find. ARE WE HAVING FUN YET? not a long of progress, but we are definitely bonding as a family, bonding in our hatred of this f*ing puzzle.

1/3/11 - edges complete at 11 pm, EXCEPT FOR THE THREE FUCKING PIECES THAT ARE MISSING. Off to a grand start. Are we having fun yet?

1/3/11 - starting with the edges at 7 pm

Laying out the pieces

The box