Saturday, July 26, 2008

Goal for the day

Yesterday I mapped out a 3 mile route to go for a run this morning. I was prepared to deal with BIG hills, washed out portions of the road and running through a short stretch occupied by Deliverance style shanties. What I was not prepared for was it to be raining already. How happy am I to put my mad texting skills to use mobile blogging when there is fuck else to do?

On the good news front, the children's tent does not appear to have been mauled by bears in the night, so I assume they are still in there sleeping. And, yes, bears are a concern. We were informed of a "nearby sighting" as soon as we arrived yesterday. WTF? ( Notice it didn't stop us from parking those giels right out in the tent though.)

Goal for today is to not kill anymore baby birds and not to eat the LARGE bag of M&Ms. Notice how th fact that it is LARGE is more important than the fact it has peanuts. God bless the USA!

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