Monday, July 28, 2008

Uh Oh

In the excitement of summer vacation, what with the camping, all the bike riding, the jam canning, Lasik recovering, the vineyard visiting, etc., I forgot that I'm NOT actually on summer vacation and actually have a job that is expecting me to be productive. Yikes. How'd that slip past me?

So now I am ass-deep in a 4-1/2 hour casette-recorded court proceeding that is probably the most horrible audio recording ever made. First of all, it's on casette tapes. Who knew you could even still buy these things? Second, there is construction going on in the courtroom. And lastly, there is the thrump thrump thrump sound of what I'm guessing is a prenatal heartbeat, which makes no sense in context because it's in a courtroom and the case is a farm bankruptcy. But if you've ever had a baby and heard the heartbeat on the baby-heartbeat-listening thing at the OB's office, you know the sound. And I swear it is on this tape.

As I devote way way way too much time to trying to decipher this stupid suck ass tape, I am forced to turn down easy-money and far more lucrative job opportunities because I have to get this done because I am a week behind the deadline on it already and wah wah wah. This sucks big time and I want to quit my stupid job except I'm self-employed and there's no one to quit to. Damn it!

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aminahc1 said...

The last tapes I did were so freakin' awful, when I was finished, I got rid of the transcriber lest the "nice" in me get carried away and offer to help someone out. Nope. Sorry. Can't do it.