Thursday, July 31, 2008

Work first, play later

Well, I am now in complete overwhelmed mode because I am not EVEN close to being where I need to be work-wise in order to go work-free on our mini-vacay Sunday. And tomorrow, Friday, I am helping Tim move to his new office, Friday night I have a GNO (Girls Night Out) for SANGRIA and munchies and a movie (and I'm not cancelling that for work! ha!), Saturday we have a family party to go to courtesy of Carlie's school auction (complete with bounce house and face painting, joy!) and then Sunday we are on vacay until Tuesday. If I don't get my ass in gear and finish up with work, I'll be proofreading and editing from the Great Wolf Water Park, which would suck enormous wang.

What else is going on on the sucky front today? Let's see. Oh, part of the mountain of overwhelming work is now past due, and with today being the end of the month, that means I've missed getting it submitted for this pay cycle, which means I'll be getting paid for it in something like a year from now (possibly a slight exaggeration, but only slight).

But then again, who needs to get paid when you find deals like this! Went to Kohl's to buy school uniform pants for Carlie (unsuccessfully) and found work pants for myself for $3.60 per pair. Granted, they're some off brand and not exactly cutting edge chic, but I swear they look like at least $10 pants (haha). No, really, black pants and gray pants to wear with work tops and jackets that I already have... for $3.60 per pair.

And also on the not sucky front today... said almost-free pants are two sizes smaller than pants I purchased a mere six months ago. Booyah! Still not where I want to be pants-size wise, but 35 lbs down is definitely showing in my pants. Also bought three pairs of shorts, a couple of tee shirts and a pair of running shorts. All smaller than what I have because my clothes are all too big. Not that I'm not excited about walking around in my baggy-ass clothes, but it's getting old. I am saving one gigantic pair of fat jeans so when I am at my goal weight I can take the obligatory standing-in-one-pant-leg after photo.

Back to work for me. Yipee... NOT.

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Sherry said...

35 lbs, you rock!

Big brother is watching me, your comments section knew who I am.