Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Boot Camp Saga... Day 6

I'm in a little late in getting this posted and I have to say, I am cracking the eff up over the emails that I received from people saying, "Hey, what about boot camp?" as if me going to boot camp and then blogging about it has any import in anyone's life. So funny.

Anyway. Day 6. The park was CLOSED OFF for the Wine & Jazz Fest this weekend, so we had boot camp in the courtyard of the condos across the street from the park. I am sure that the condo dwellers loved this and are hoping we'll meet there every day at 5:30 a.m., to do circuit training in their courtyard outside of their windows where they are certainly probably not trying to sleep.

We did a circuit with a partner. I am not a big fan of partner exercises. It involves touching and being touched while sweating... and not in a good way. We did nose-to-nose push ups with a high five between each one, then interlocked our feet for sit ups. We did squats and twisty things with each of us holding one end of a stretching cord thing, and more twisty stuff standing back to back and passing around a medicine ball. We did a wall sit torture move where one person is doing a wall sit while the other does triceps dips on the wall sitters thighs. I am not kidding. Then there was something called a chariot run that involved a stretchy band thing and pretending you're a horse. Good times!

After completing the circuit, it was time for SUICIDE RUNS. Any exercise with the word SUICIDE in the title is NOT FOR ME. The guys hauling the garbage cans out of the condo complex enjoyed being in the middle of the suicide runs and stood there looking at us with that WHAT THE.... look on their faces.

That was about it. Warm up. Circuit. Suicide Runs. Circuit. Suicide Runs. Cool Down. Starbucks. Two weeks down, one week to go. I need to start making a plan for what I am going to do post-boot camp because to go back to doing nothing seems kind of lame. Something that is not at O-dark-thirty would be nice.

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Amy said...

I was laughing at one of your blogs today and Reggie came over and asked "What...I mean...who are you reading?" So I explained who you are, and he goes "Is that the lady who is doing the Team Pain thing?" Yes, otherwise known as BOOT CAMP. LOL

Congrats on finishing another week!

The bummer thing about O dark thirty is that O dark thirty is getting earlier and earlier. It's so much easier to get up early when there's light to wake up to. Getting up in the darkness is really just sleepwalking.

Suicide Runs? Dude, that's pretty hardcore. I'm totally skeeved out by the description of the locked sweaty fingers and being nose to nose that early in the morning...the last thing I want to do when I'm working out is get someone all up in my personal space. Or be in theirs.

Anyway, when I can keep up with you, we should go hit the trail down by the river.