Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Boot Camp Saga ... Day 8. One more to go!

I was asleep by 11 pm last night, so waking up at 4 a.m. seemed kind of "easy" for a change. Easy meaning I didn't want to die. Alarm was set for 4:45, but at 4 I was up and wide awake, so I rolled with it. Used the extra time in the morning to scrub out the remaining floor vents before I left as I think I have traced the funky cat smell to be actually in the in-floor ductwork of our house.

So, boot camp. We ran after warmups. Today we did the loop that I calculate as .4 of a mile per, and did it twice in a row. Then we had an obstacle course. It involved running figure-8 type loops around cones, sprinting with KNEES HIGH and then sprinting with HEELS HIGH, followed by jumping over tiny little hurdles that were oh so easy to jump over the first 6 times around, and then seemed to grow much taller and more challenging after that. We also did a kind of stradle walk, like you would do in tires on a big time obstacle coure, but using little rings instead of tires.

So we went three times through the obstacle course, then hit the weights. Tricep press x 30 then a combo exercise of forward lift, open out to sides, lower to sides. That's one. Then side lift, bring forward, lower to front. That's two. 30 of those. Then back to the obstacle course. Two times through and repeat the weights. Then two times through and new exercises, this time kind of a forward leaning row x 30 followed by side bends with 5 lb weight over your head x 30 each side. Obstacle course 2 times, repeat weights. Obstacle course 2 times and then fire hydrant style leg lifts, 30 each side. Followed by BEAR CRAWL up a FREAKING HILL, then walking lunges BACKWARDS down the FREAKING HILL. Repeat up the hill and down the hill. Back to the mat for the leg lifts again, then back to the hill for the bear crawl again. I just finished the leg lifts and was heading to the hill for round two of the crawl when, drats! shucks! darn! it was time for cool down.

Hit the mat and, oops, we're not cooling down, we're doing abs. CRAP. One minute of crunches. One minute of slower crunches where you go halfway up STOP up, halfway down STOP down. Then final minute of halfway up to up NO DOWN. After that, legs up and we did circles with the legs for lower abs, then back to crunch position and upper torso circles x a minute. Flipped over to stretch in cobra pose, then did plank position for one minute. THEN we stretched and cooled down.

Today was my easiest morning as far as getting up and at 'em, but man was the workout tough. The last few times through the obstacle course I did not jump the hurdles and felt like A WINNER because I was able to run alongside the hurdles and not have to slow down and walk. But no way was there a jump coming out of me.

One day of boot camp left. I have a feeling that on Friday it is going to be REALLY CHALLENGING to get up and out of bed. I don't see early to bed Thursday night in my future with my sister in town and my husband's brother in town as well (getting ready for the big camp out!). But I did decide today to actually attend Friday boot camp (was considering skipping it), so I give myself a gold star just for contemplating going.

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katie said...

dang girl. even this post made me TIRED. stop showing us all up!

and btw, i love Wham!. now, mary lou retton i can do without. tee-hee.