Sunday, August 31, 2008

Camp Out Over

Feels so good to be home in my bed, after having had a shower for the first time since FRIDAY! Uck!

Camp out was a success, but I have been sick as a dog since Friday. Started with a tickle in my throat, evolved to right now feeling like I am underwater, ears full of fluid, throat on fire, ulcers in my mouth and no ability to breathe through my nose. But I still had a pretty good time and it felt good to be out in the sun (when there was sun, which was most of the time, but not all of the time).

Final camping stats: we ended up with 34 people for dinner on Saturday night. It was insane. Four of them were day visitors, so we had 30 campers for the night and for Sunday breakfast, which again was insane. Saturday activities included an expedition to the beach for some to ride horses while others kayaked on the river. Sunday activities included more kayaking, plus Tim took out the "big" boat (not really big, but bigger than a kayak!) and took a two or three different groups out for fishing. Some of us just laid around and enjoyed the sun and a few folks even went for a run. Busy, busy, busy!

Uneventful drive home with the two year old nephew thankfully sleeping the entire way. Now it's time for sudaphed, nyquil, whatever I can find, and some sleep.

Almost forgot one of the highlights of the trip: my brother in law, who has no kids and likes to make sure he always maintains favorite uncle status with all of the kiddies, made smores with a little twist for the kiddos... using rice crispy treats in place of graham crackers. May as well have sprayed the kids' hands with glue and dipped them in sugar for the mess! But OMG were they good. I mean goooooooood : )

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Keetha said...

Oh. DUDE. Rice crispie treats instead of graham crackers? That's about the best thing I've ever heard right there.

Since I'm out of commission for another week or so, I'm so off the healhty living wagon...