Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Boring Life

Man, I hate it when work gets in the way of my blog writing and blog reading and blog commenting and twittering. Between work, food prep, kid chauffering and laundry you would think I have nothing better to do. Hello, family, I do have a blog you know. Jeez.

Pretty uneventful day other than the usual screwed-up-ed-ness that is generally my life. Got a late start this morning and as a result Carlie missed the bus to camp. So we had to drive out to the next bus stop to catch it, which threw my whole a.m. schedule to hell because what was supposed to be a five minute drop off turned into a 30 minute ordeal, making me then late myself.

Big event of the day: After work I came home and helped my son get registered for school in the fall. He is 100% on his own as far as tuition and books go (been there, done that) and hopefully this last year of doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and now feeling like a big lame-ass loser will be a good motivator for doing a good job in school. If not that, perhaps the fact that he'll be wasting his OWN money this time will do the trick. I am borderline hopeful/optimistic.

What else did I do today? Let's see. I took Carlie to soccer practice in the pouring down rain and then was 10 minutes late to pick her up, ooops. Fed my family leftovers for dinner. Took the son shopping for new shoes which I did pay for so he could use his money for tuition. And went to the gym and ran 4.7 miles. Didn't I just swear off night running on the night before boot camp? I do not learn my lessons easily.

So now it's shower and get in bed to read blogs and post comments. I could fold laundry but what fun is that? Boot camp in the morning in the rain, followed by work (two days in a row, yuk!) and more of the continued mediocrity that is my life. Maybe something exciting will happen providing fabulous fodder for tomorrow's blog entry.

Oh, something to ponder: my dilemma d'jour. My current financial "splurge" is boot camp. I am planning for next one. It's either going to be a creative writing workshop that starts in September or botox for my forehead wrinkle. Decisions, decisions.

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Keetha said...

I vote for the writing workshop.