Saturday, August 2, 2008

we are not geeks

So how did we get the last book you might ask?

We naively walked into B&N at 11:30 thinking we could buy the book at midnight. WRONG-O!! They gave out numbered wrist bands at 10 pm... ooops! So the girl ahead of us in line says "I have 2 books on hold but my friend isn't coming so I only need one wrist band."

So we are next and the book seller lady says "Sorry, we gave away all of the wrist bands already." And I said, "Well the girl in front of us only took one of her two so let us have her extra one."

After a brief conference with a manager we got the honor of being last in line of a gazillion people to pay full price for a book that will be half-off at walmart tomorrow!! Yay!!

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