Thursday, August 21, 2008

Who needs Iron Man? Meet Lazy Man!

You are all so going to want to do this with me, I know you are. I am doing a triathalon! But unlike an Iron Man triathalon, it's a Lazy Man triathalon. It's all of the events, but you have a month to do them instead of one day. And you can participate virtually from wherever you are, tracking progress and comparing with other lazy atheletes : )

Come on, who doesn't need to shake things up a little bit in their workout routine?

I'm mostly worried about the swimming, because I am a spaz in the water. And I'm getting a little concerned about the biking, because our Pacific Northwest weather is going to turn to utter crap any moment now (and stay that way). Maybe I should get the biking out of the way first?

Click here. Sign up. Track your progress. What have you got to lose?

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Amy said...

OMG I'm so doing this!