Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Remember my delicious oysters, 10 of which I only ate 3? They were joined in the mini fridge by Tim's salmon, crab dip and a to go order of chocolate cake. While I was loading the car and the fam was at the waterpark, housekeeping came in and threw everything away! We were not checked out and it was not even 10 yet (checkout is 11!!). I am waiting to talk to the housekeeping manager now about what exactly we are doing for lunch today because I am pretty sure this place does not have oysters on the menu! DO NOT MESS WITH MY FOOD... EVER!!

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Sherry said...

Do you seriously think housekeeping threw that away? I'm thinking they opened up the fridge, saw it and said, well, I'll just have one oyster.

Ten minutes later there's an empty plate.

You can't have just one.