Saturday, September 13, 2008

Date Night...

... with my Tivo! Who is ridiculously excited about being home alone all night long?

Tim is leaving to camp out overnight and fish all day tomorrow. Erinna is going to babysit her cousins, overnight, and taking Carlie with her. And Taylor is working, which means not home until after midnight. Can you say HOME ALONE!!

How will I celebrate my independence? Probably in bed, with cheetos and beer, watching the collection of shows I have on Tivo.

And speaking of Tivo... I just caught up on the latest episode of Project Runway. Blayne was ROBBED, I say, ROBBED. Yes, his outfit sucked, but Kenley's sucked 100 times worse and she should have been sent home, not Blayne. So, if you're out there reading my blog, Blayne, and I know you certainly are (I mean, seriously, why would he NOT be?), my condlences are with you. Enjoy your freedom from Parsons to get your tan on... and holla at your boy.

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