Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Forget what I said before...

... about life with a nine year old daughter being easy.

Said nine year old just had a melt down of epic proportion on the way to soccer practice. The stars were just not aligned in her favor tonight.

Issue No. 1: Today was the first day of school, and all the excitement/anxiety/elation/fear that goes along with that.

Issue No. 2: Forgot about soccer practice until five minutes before practice when someone called and reminded us.

Issue No. 3: Could not find soccer socks and had to wear volley ball socks.

Issue No. 4: One sock was on crooked.

Issue No. 5: "I told you last week these shoes are too tight!!!!!"

So, now we're back home again after driving to the practice field where she could tell her coach that she would not be practicing tonight. Jeez!

When she's NOT being a freakazoid, she's really a nice girl, I swear she is!


Lisa Milton said...

School churns them all up.

(She's a cutie. When she's not being a freakazoid.)

Anna See said...

Aaah, I feel your pain. Don't even want to think about our first day of soccer tomorrow! Perhaps I should locate the soccer socks tonight????