Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hello, Runners? It's me, again

I'm constantly pestering experienced runners with stupid questions like, "should my knees hurt this much" and "have your toenails ever fallen off." And I appreciate that those kind runners usually answer my questions rather than telling me to piss off.

So here I am again, with a question. I'm ready to "get serious" about upping my mileage. And my plan so far of increasing from 5k to 10k has been, well, run 5k and then keep running until I feel queasy. And frankly, so far, that's really not working out so great for me. Anything over four miles, and I feel like I'm going to die. And my legs are rubber for 48 hours afterwards.

So I'm looking at this Hal Higdon training program for increasing my running endurance. And here's the problem I have. I can run three miles, pretty easily. Well, it's NOT always easy, but I CAN always do it. So to follow this program and run less than three miles feels like regression. If I'm on a day that is scheduled as a 1.5 mile run, and I run it and know that I can keep going, why would I stop?

For those of you that are out there running six-plus miles on a regular basis, what's your take on this? As always, thanks for the advice. I'd gladly return the favor if you would like to tap into my areas of expertise... fixing messed up knitting projects, getting the smell of cat pee out of things and operating a Tivo.


Running Knitter said...

Have you looked into other training programs? While the 1.5 mile days may seem too easy, you should keep in mind that your total weekly mileage shouldn't increase by more than 10% per week. So even though you are only running 1.5 miles that day, your total weekly mileage is closer to 10. Another option would be to combine the two 1.5 mile runs on two different days into a 3 mile run on one day. I don't see any harm in that. Just remember to stick to the 10% rule as much as you can. Good luck and let us know how it goes. :)

Delita said...

Have you looked at That seems to be what the crossfit folks prefer. I dunno nothing myself. Just looking because I want to work up to running and I'm thinking I should start studying now rather than wait until I've formed bad habits. I'm still building up walking, etc. I like the idea of 50% less on knees and no injuries. :-D

Rogue Scholar said...

Runners has a training program on it. I don't know what it all entails (as I'm still trying to run a 5k without having to walk) but something ot look into.

Oh, and I don't think any shirt will EVER be as cool as your Sausage Fest shirt. I snicker every time I think abou that. I just can't help myself from going there.