Monday, September 15, 2008

Our New Giant Hole

When I left for work this morning, I had a driveway. It ran right alongside my next door neighbor's driveway. Now we have a GIANT HOLE where our driveways used to be. And mountains of dirt not only in my yard, but my neighbor's too. I have not been able to get in touch with my husband to find out if the neighbor was warned about the hole and mounds of dirt taking the place of his driveway because we have tree roots in our sewer line, so my plan is to be gone when my neighbor gets home, just in case.

I worked 'til 4 pm, picked up my 9 year old from after school care and came home to find the giant hole. I asked the hole guys, "Do we have water?" and the lead hole guy responded, "Sure, just don't flush."
Do you know what "just don't flush" translates to when you are a nine year old child? It translate to "please, honey, run inside and take a giant poop and flush your heart out." At least that's what my daughter heard.

She came running to tell me, "Mom, I forgot and I flushed!" and as I opened the back door to tell the hole guys our our little ooopsie, I heard "Stop! Stop digging! Son of a bitch! Someone freaking flushed!" Okay, then, guess they figured it out for themselves.

Sorry plumbers/hole guys.

UPDATE: Just got email from Tim saying, "No, but I'll fix it" to my query of "Did Jim know you were destroying his driveway." Apparently Tim has no idea of the scope of this job (surprise! not!) I am getting the hell out of here before the neighbors get home from work.

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