Saturday, September 27, 2008

This is kind of scary...

... given our country's current economic climate.

We received a letter from Wells Fargo today.  We have a personal joint checking account and savings account, my husband's business checking and we have our mortgage there.

The letter was informing us that our home equity line of credit is being reduced.  The letter reads:

"Wells Fargo reasonably believes that you will not be able to meet your repayment requirements due to a material change in your financial circumstances... due to poor credit performance with Wells Fargo Bank."  

Excuse me?  I don't have a whole hell of a lot of things that I can brag about, but one of the things that I do have is the fact that we have excellent credit, we have no credit card debt, no car notes.  We have a mortgage and I have student loans (which are current and paid on time).  That is it for debt.  And there's been no change in any circumstances whatsoever in the last year-plus.  (If they wanted to worry about us, they should have done it last July when Tim quit his job and went into private practice.  Now that was scary with a definite possibility of "not being able to meet" anything.  But the move proved to be a good one. Thank God.)

I constantly bemoan the fact that we are broke.  But broke to me means I can't buy every and anything that I want when I want it.  We've never been in a position of "not being able to meet" our "repayment requirements."    

Either they sent us the wrong letter, or there is something seriously messed up going on with Wells Fargo Bank.  Given the current state of our nation's economy, I'm feeling a little anxious about this.  

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stephanie (bad mom) said...

With the blindside regarding WAMU, I would be dubious too. Yikes.

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