Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chaotic thoughts

I went for a run this morning and encountered a neighbor who commented, "I didn't know you were running."  I told her I've been running since March, and she commented, "I never see you out here, and I run this time every day."  Well, that's because sometimes I run early morning, sometimes mid morning, sometimes afternoon, and sometimes evenings.

And that reminded me of the comment that Carlie's school principal made the other day.  He greets children at the door as they enter from the school parking lot (it's a very small school) and he said, "You are all over the place.  Every one else has a "spot."  They always park in the same area.  But not you."  Wow, aren't I quirky and unpredictable.

Then last Sunday a friend commented after church, "I wanted to talk to you, but I never know where you'll be sitting."  Apparently every one else sits in the same general area every week. Who knew.

What does this say about the way my mind operates? Is every one else truly linear, and my head is the only one filled with swirls instead of graphs and pie charts?  I think not.

Also, I think I might have a clue as to why our neighbors possibly hate us.  I noticed this dichotomy of "us" and "them" as I ran through the alley this morning.  More evidence of disorganized thinking.

Our recycling/garbage area
Their recycling/garbage area

Our "garden"
Their garden


Lisa Milton said...

*They* seem a little preoccupied with tracking you down.

As a bit of spontaneous person, I think that's sorta funny.

(Jazzercisers - yes, that's their name - can be funny about their spot on the floor. It's a little intimidating to newcomers. I try to just fill in the empty spots, and not stress about stepping on toes...literally.)

Deece said...

You're not alone. You're not alone.

I try to be organized, try to put things away neatly - but doesn't usually happen. Well, it may happen, but will only last a week - if that. I want to think in graphs and pie charts, but everything gets all swirled around in my right brain. I make a lot of lists that I don't follow.

However, I do have some weird "issues" - like using things in certain orders (orders that I make up), like making sure the blinds are closed facing a certain direction...

Oliver Rain said...

I like to shake things up a bit myself. I am one of those parents with a particular parking spot at school. I also have to sit in a specific bleacher at the arena while waiting for Lizzie to finish skating. Oh and my dishes are organized according to size, type, and colour. Yeah, I'm definitely a free spirit all right.