Saturday, October 18, 2008

Corporal Punishment

I'm not a big spanker, but I think it is TOTALLY okay to spank your child if she is mocking your mad dance skills and chanting "Old Kids On The Block" when you are trying to get your groove on to Danny, Jon, Donny, Jordon and Joey.  NKOTB in New Orleans tonight and I am homesick, for home and for 1994.


Oliver Rain said...

Definitely spank worthy. I "heart" Jonathon Knight.

kt said...

oliver rain: you best get your hands OFF my man.

a so-called friend of mine tried to convince me a few weeks ago that jon had an affinity for boys. nuh-uh, not true. my entire childhood is not a lie.

jon (and the boys) will be in CLT on oct 30. woot-woot.