Sunday, October 26, 2008

I am the saddest girl in the world

Oh, Bono, my Bono, how could you? Even if these photos were "innocent," why, oh, why is a man of your character and esteem hanging out with bikini-clad 19-year-old girls mugging for the camera? There is no best-case scenario here.


Feener said...

should be interesting to hear the rebuttal

getupnow said...

One is his daughter, right? Let's hope.

Hey, you're not planning on making a cross continental run in your Hannah Momtana get up to totally ruin our chances at the costume contest at the mall are ya? Just keep yourself on the west coast, Hannah.

Anna See said...

Ugh. Am hoping, praying, hoping those are his daughters! No, Bono, no!

My Name is Cat said...

Uhm, I'm kinda hoping it's not his daughter because that would really gross me out.

Shana said...

Neither one is his daughter or a friend of his daughter. The brunette is rumored to be his "girlfriend." She is a 19-year-old American fashion student. She spoke to the press and said they are "just friends" and have been "friends for years."

She is 19 years old. What, did he befriend her in middle school?

I have kept my Bono obsession on the down-low on my blog so as not to look like a crazy freakazoid, but you do not EVEN KNOW how much of an insane U2 and Bono fan I am.

So sad and so skeeved out. And my supportive husband? In my time of depression? He says in his supportive counselor's voice, "WHAT ARE YOU? A NUT? HE'S A FREAKING ROCK STAR! OF COURSE HE'S DOING 19 YEAR OLD GIRLS."

So wrong.

Anonymous said...

Crap. I was hoping he was the ONE FAMOUS guy who was above this. WHy did I think that?