Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kenley? Seriously?

Goodbye, Jarell. I'll miss your sassy wit and flaming charm.  You were the only bit of happiness in the midst of the depressing funk of Leanne, the never-have-fun aesthetic of Korto and the unending whining of Kenley.

I hate to admit that Kenley TOTALLY kicked everyone's ass on the wedding dress challenge, with Leanne in a close but not neck in neck second place.  Koroto and Jarell's wedding dresses, OMG, horrific!  WTF? And I did LOL when Nina Garcia called Leanne sad, because holy hell did she hit that nail right on its sad little head.  

Sad or not, Leanne is our local homegirl, and given who is left in the running, I'm now rooting for her.

That said, the reason, of course, that Kenley's dress totally rocked was because she RIPPED IT OFF from Alexander McQueen, as immediately pointed out of Michael Kors.  Frankly, she did not look all that surprised to hear the accusation.  The kind folks at posted this side by side comparison.  How she did not get voted off for design plagerism is a mystery to me.  Paste also mentioned Kenley's "nasal jackhammer" voice which I thought was pretty accurate.

McQueen / Kenley

Is anyone else still watching this show? Am I alone in the world of Project Runway? Why is Leanne not on Prozac? How could you vote off Jarell when he won the last challenge? (Korto's dress was equally fug IMO) Is there no justice in this world? These are the thoughts that haunt me.

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