Friday, October 10, 2008

New Toy

As much as I am hearting my Mac, I decided to get a second laptop to be devoted entirely to work, and have my work programs loaded on the Mac for backup in case of another laptop disaster. Actually, this was Tim's idea, and his exact words were "How about a backup so that next time this happens you don't turn into a freak." Wise man.
So I got a 120gig HD Acer Aspire One and it is the cutest little thing! To understand the scope of this photo, you need to realize that Carlie's hand is there for size gauge, and her hand is tiny. Oh, and can you see her peeking out under the laptop? That was an accident but boy was she amused with her cute self.
In the spirit of THIS LAPTOP IS FOR WORK, WORK ALONE, ONLY WORK, I am heading to the coffee shop now on my day off from work to play with it. The joys of being self-employed.

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