Thursday, October 2, 2008

Smoked Salmon OD

Tim went fishing a couple of weekends ago and came home with a monster of a salmon.  He had a deal with a friend of mine that if he caught it, she'd smoke it.  So he took the salmon and the smoker to her house, and I figured that since she has two teenaged boys, that's the last we'd be seeing of that salmon.

But today a big ziplock of scrumptious home-smoked salmon arrived at my doorstep.  It took me about 10 minutes to completely OD on the stuff.  Lunch today: ceasar salad with smoked salmon.  Dinner tonight: angel hair pasta with smoked salmon.  I also made a tub of cream cheese salmon spread.

I still have several big hunks of goodness left and need ideas.  What can I do with it?

JUST FYI... My friend could not be at home to watch the debate tonight, and asked me to Tivo it for her, then I can burn it onto a DVD and, voila, she has the debate.

I just want everyone to know how patriotic I am that I CANCELLED Tivo'ing tonight's episode of Supernatural to Tivo the debate.  That's right.  I am rocking the vote.

UPDATE:  OK, never mind, debate is available online at c-span, so Supernatural it is.

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Charlene said...

I thought the debate was interesting. I'm totally Republican, Go Palin!

for your Salmon, look at food network site for Ina Garten or Barefoot Contessa she is always doing something yummy with salmon.