Saturday, November 15, 2008

Got my 'net back, plus a giant hefty bag full of shoes

Thank God. And no one had to be hurt.

But now I am tired and annoyed and haven't even had a chance to write about my trip to the Doc Marten's Warehouse sale and the ELEVEN pairs of shoes I bought. Only two ended up being for me, the rest have already been claimed by others. But the good news is I am going again tomorrow, yay!

I'd love to know exactly HOW and WHY a wall jack stops working for DSL, a wall jack that the same modem has been plugged in to for YEARS without anything moving or changing or being altered at all. Then, WHAM, you have no Internet and someone in Sri Lanka is telling you to unplug it and try another jack and you're all, like, HELLO, I AM NOT A RETARD THE JACK IS FINE, then you do what they tell you to do anyway just so they'll GET OFF YOUR ASS and it turns out they're right. Go figure.

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Amy said...


Holy Shoes, Batman!!!!!

You have a problem, Shana...

The first step is admitting you have a problem. The second step is giving your shoes to me.

Glad your net is back. You just needed to poke it in the eye! Our converter/inverter/connector whatever it's called was bad. Five days without internet on the big screen. FIVE DAYS. Don't make me think about's too horrible Mommy...Pleeeeeaaassee!!!