Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Magical Kingdom

I swear, I am almost ready to shut up about the warehouse sale. Almost. Bear with me.

Here is a shot of a tiny corner of the warehouse full of shoes. I seriously considered bringing my real camera to the sale, but thought it might slow me down, so camera phone shots will have to do.

One of the many tables covered with shoes. Beneath the tables were boxes full of shoes.

Two more of the ones I bought. NO, THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. Note the color difference, the detailing on the lighter brown as opposed to the simplicity of the darker. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME.

I ended up with these two pair of double strap Mary Janes, the Leopard print Mary Janes featured yesterday. What you haven't seen yet is one more pair of brown Mary Janes (shut up), single strap and tannish, and two pairs of boots. Gotta get some boot pictures going, they are divine.

Did I mention every freaking pair of shoes I bought cost $15? FIFTEEN DOLLARS. Shutting up about the shoes for today now.

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