Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Photos

After I took the crappy cell phone pics, I remembered, oh, yeah, I have a real camera. I always forget about that thing.

I forgot to buy fresh flowers, so the girls had to improvise on the table setting. They did a good job, though!
And here's the table with the food on it. Turkey, Ham, Dressing, Tofurkey, Sweet Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes, Brusselsprouts and Cranberry Relish. Is your mouth watering?

And this is why I love my circa 1950's maple table, even though it is sorely in need of refinishing. It is huge! Over 60 inches wide, it can easily accommodate having all of the food right in the middle of the table with plenty of room to eat. And since we only ended up having 10 adults at the table, we didn't put all of the leaves in. With all of the leaves, I've fed 16 adults comfortably at this bad boy.
Three little monkeys, munch on turkey.
Bono was our bartender. He did an excellent job.
Bar overflow was on the front porch.
A divine day, one of those days that gives you even more to  be Thankful for.


Lee said...

Hey, do we have the same dining room table?? Mine is also a 1950's maple table with 2 extra leaves. I inherited it from my grandparents. It is awesome. I like your bartender.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Beautiful indeed.

We have a large dining room table (though not as big as yours...) but not much space around it, so we use it for holding the food then sit precariously around the living room with TV trays.

~ Happy Thanksgiving ~

Keetha said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I love the table - it's great!