Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Concert

Last night was the Christmas Concert by the Vancouver Strings at the Pythian Home. This is Carlie's sixth year to play this concert. The residents look forward to it and make a great audience.

The kids sounded great. Like, really great. Such a nice change of pace from the school band concerts. Not to knock the school band (much), but our school has only had a band program for two years now, so they're still a work in progress. But the Vancouver Strings, most of these kids started violin at age 3 and are now as old as 17. They were awesome.
Carlie has gone from being one of the cuties in the front row that can get away with not knowing a note because, oh my gosh, look at that little violin, how sweet! To being one of the "big kids" in the middle rows who need to play music that sounds like, well, music. Thankfully, she is totally up to the task.
Every year I leave the Pythian Home with a vow to myself that I will go back, apart from the holidays, and do something nice for the residents. Some of them are so lonely. And most of them are really grateful for the company and the visit. Maybe a knitting group? I don't know. But I always forget about it or think about it but get "too busy" and don't follow through.
So if anyone industrious has their calendar handy right now, make a note to email me in six to eight weeks and ask if I ever followed through with that. Maybe I need some accountability. Feel free to shame me into doing good deeds if that's what it takes : )


HB said...

How about reading to someone at the home like June did? I'm trying to get my act together to do volunteer reiki at a local hospice unit. I have to get a TB test, attend over 40 hours of training (yikes!) but I know it will be worth it.... I'll keep you honest if you keep me honest!

Lisa Milton said...

How very impressive. Did they play at Vancouver Borders before? It sounds familiar.


Nap Warden said...

Well good for you...I hope you follow through!