Monday, December 1, 2008

Creative Marketing

Oh, wise women of the Internet, hear my plea for help!

I need to do some marketing for my business (court reporting). I was THISCLOSE to ordering Christmas cards on Vista Print (yet again) to mail out to local law firms to try to get my name out there, but I've done that before and it netted me exactly nothing.

I need a creative idea, something that will bring in a job or two or forty.

Background: I am a court reporter, and I live mere blocks from the courthouse and dozens of law firms. Literally blocks. Yet I often end up driving into Portland for depositions. I need a couple of those law firms that are in my own backyard to make me their go-to gal. I just don't know how to do it. I suck at sales and am clueless when it comes to marketing.

My budget is next to nothing. I can't afford to send every firm in town a wine and cheese basket, but a Christmas card doesn't seem to cut it either.



missburrows said...

I'm glad you nixed the Christmas card idea, those will just be recycled.

If you can do/give something useful, that would be great, but think beyond the magnetic calendar, pen etc., idea.

What can you give them that would make them say, "She has saved us time and money!"?

HB said...

Again - do the meet and great thing - focus on the offices you want to work for and go there weekly to chat up the admin. Don't out stay your welcome - if you don't like sales, think of it as advocating for something your are passionate about - YOU! It's never what you know - it's always who you know...