Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Boxing Day

My favorite Christmas '08 photos.

Our Angel... not always a happy angel (read post below)
Our yard in the snow
The girls built a snowman. It took forever. Seriously.
Our house in the snow. Taken after the first snow had fallen. I didn't get pictures after the "real" snow came down days later and completely obliterated the front steps.
Christmas morning... everyone in a hat I knit for them.

Christmas is over... now what?
I stepped on the scale this morning (fool am I) and have gained four pounds over the course of the last two days. So today's Boxing Day festivities will include a trip to the gym at some point, because the roads are still too snowy and icy to run (for me, anyway).

We had a slippery, slidy, kind of scary drive into Portland yesterday to have dinner with family, but it was worth every scary moment on the freeway because we had a wonderful time. Then we slipped and slid our whole way home as well, with a side trip to drop Erinna off at her mom's house in the opposite direction of escaping the bad roads and into the worst of it that we've been in yet. Tim, ever the good Samaritan, helped a couple that were stuck in the snow while Carlie and I napped in the car. And by napped in the car, I mean I tried to sleep while she asked me questions from Quiz Fest magazine to determine who my "Twilight twin" is.

Oh. Speaking of Carlie. My prediction from Christmas Day, before we went to church, when I jokingly wrote I could just imagine her being the only choir kid to show up in costume? Yeah. That totally happened. She was not a happy angel. And we got there late, so we arrived to the choir kids, all in their black and white choir outfits, on the risers on the alter at church, already singing, and my girl in full on angel-wear, complete with silver wings and halo, joined them, right smack in the middle of the top riser, where people had to scooch over to accommodate her wing span. It was classic.

My camera battery was dead (of course), but luckily I had Carlie's new Flip Video camera in my purse, so I captured it on video. Which Carlie then accidentally deleted while watching it (of course).

I'm soon to be headed off to the running store for new shoes and warm cozy running wear... which are totally essential for me getting into and out of the car to drive to the gym on a cold day, because I am so not running outside in the foreseeable future. 


HB said...

Would love the pattern for the hat with ear flaps. I am trying to finish up Hubby's hat - I did not finish it in time for Christmas - maybe by tonight for end of Boxing Day?
Glad you had a nice day!

Anna See said...

Yikes. Tell Carlie I was the only one who dressed up for 50's day in high school. Loads of fun.

My son, however, wore his PJ's to pajama night at AWANA...of course it wasn't pajama night. He kept them on even when he had the chance to change.