Thursday, December 11, 2008

The C Word

My dad had another consultation at the sarcoma center at MD Anderson, a top notch cancer research hospital in Houston. His prognosis is not good. We've spent two days pumping him for details and basically what we've learned from my dad is that "it's the kind of cancer that starts with an M."

Great. The M cancer. Let me google that.

My brother went to the appointment with my dad, which is fabulous because, hello, we want to know what is going on and check the above paragraph to know why getting info from dad is a challenge.

My brother cleared it all up for us. "No, it doesn't start with an M. It starts with an L. I think."


Hey, you can either laugh or cry, right?

So we don't really know what we are dealing with, but whether it starts with an L or an M, we do know the prognosis is not good. My dad is 70. He has a great attitude. He's ready to fight if there's a chance of beating it but he's also being realistic and talking about quality of life vs. fighting an ultimately losing battle if he can't handle the chemo, which the doctors think could be a possibility. 

And we're talking about taking a trip to the beach, the whole family, which we did a couple of summers ago. That's how dad would like to spend his time, "drunk and at the beach." That's a quote.


Janet said...

Oh honey. That just sucks all the way info (never send two men to the doctor), but you know...I love that you write about it in such a funny way. Humor can be a shield, but it can also help us get through the hard stuff. Hugs!!!

HB said...

That sucks - but after I worked in the hosptial for so many years I really thing people stop listening either after they hear the c word for the first time or they hear the news isn't good. I do like your Dad's attitude - drunk at the beach is way better than hanging your head over a toilet puking your guts out. Laughter is good but it sounds like you have that covered. Maybe you can talk to your Dad's doc to get the scoop- (your dad will need to give you permission to talk to him - a signed release). Maybe that will make you feel better.