Friday, January 2, 2009

400th Blog Post

So now I'll write 400 things about me. Psyche. First of all, there are not 400 interesting things about me and, secondly... well, I guess that's it. There's just not.

It's 4:45 p.m., the day is winding down into evening, and I accomplished very little from my to do list today. I did go to the gym and run five miles (because I'm too chicken shit to run outside in the snow/ice for fear of slipping and taking a face plant into the sidewalk). I did start laundry. I did do some volunteer work for Carlie's school, about three hours worth.

I did not start my cleaning/organizing projects. I did not complete the laundry. I did not make anything for dinner. I did not sweep or mop my acres of hardwood that have not been mopped since our Christmas Eve party. Ew. I know.

And yet, somehow, it's getting dark outside and I'm feeling like it's time to eat something warm, snuggle up and play a game or watch a movie. It's hard to believe this big extended vacation/prison sentence is about to end and life per the norm resumes on Monday, barring any unexpected freaky weather. Then we'll be back to violin lessons, and school, and work, and afterschool activities and the daily grind. I'm kind of longing for yet dreading it.

My son's "band" is practicing in the basement, and the noise is kind of unbearable. Carlie is on the main floor of the house, watching Hannah Montana AGAIN. Remember how we got rid of satellite TV and have no cable, no satellite, no nothing except for the free channels we pick up with our rabbit ears? Well, when Carlie had her birthday sleepover with two friends, the two friends were going on and on about the latest episodes of Hannah Montana and Hannah gets her drivers license and blah blah blah and I know this is ridiculously lame, but I felt soooo bad for my child, not being a part of something that is part of her inane little pop culture. (I could only imagine how I would have felt if I had been unable to watch The Brady Bunch or Happy Days and had to listen to all of my friends go on about it. Sad.)

So I gave her a $25 iPod card and she downloaded the latest episodes of Hannah Montana, iCarly and Wizards of Waverly Place. And has watched them repeatedly since they downloaded. And so the TV monster lives on in our house, even though the actual TV is now of little to no interest to Carlie. I, on the other hand, have been pretty unaffected by the whole loss of TV situation. The shows I love best are "free" (Heros, 24, Lost, Supernatural). We've been watching Season 1 of Mad Men on DVD since we had never watched that when it first came out (love it!) and I recently wrapped up Season 2 of Dexter on DVD. And now I'm watching Season 1 of Prison Break on my iPod while running. So I'm not nearly as bereft as I thought I would be, but that will change when the new seasons of Rescue Me and Project Runway kick off without me, I'm sure.

And while I am rambling about a bunch of nothing, I have a question about wedding rings. Mine are pictured (upside down, because it was kind of hard to get a shot with the webcam otherwise) in my post as my self portrait for Day 2 of 365 Days on Flickr (see how I multitask!). It's a gold three-piece set with a heart shaped amethyst, which is very beautiful and was what our budget alloted when we got married. Tim picked it out and frankly it's a little blingy for me, but I do like the rings very much. But I can't wear them anymore because they are way too big. Yes, I know I could take them in and get them resized, but I am thinking I might like to get a simple platinum band. And maybe resize just the amethyst ring for my right hand. Do you think it's very unsentimental of me to want a new wedding ring? My husband does.

I'm off to crack a beer and kick back for a bit. All hail the weekend!


My Name Is Cat said...

Thing one: I know what you mean about dreading/looking forward to Monday. I need to get into the regular routine of life, but then it will become overwhelming quickly.

Thing two: I think most men feel like your husband does about the wedding ring, and most women I know want to replace the one they got when they were poor newlyweds. I still love mine, but I also have a plain, white gold band I wear 90% of the time.

katydidnot said...

i think you are all kinds of cool with a dash of clever. and i think the solution to hannah montana was brilliant. and the rings...i say do what you like with them unless his feelings will be hurt.

HB said...

The wedding ring, go with what you got in the beginning is what I say. But I am a simple gold band girl & have had too much to drink. So am signing off before I make an ass of myself....
achilla is my security word - what the heck is that??

Kathy said...

keep will make the boy sad if you ruin it. Keep it but buy another one for your anniversary if you want a different style...nothing wrong with that!

Keetha said...

Go back and read again what all you did do. That's a lot. Then forget about what you didn't.

I'd get a new ring. I don't think that's unsentimental.

Anonymous said...

I am currently waiting to get my wedding ring back from the jeweler, as the diamond fell out of it, which doesn't BODE WELL as a symbol of my marriage, does it? My ring is anywhere from 100-70 years old. Sometimes plain white gold sounds preferable.

Anyway, you are my commentor of the week, although you must share the glory with J. I hope you do not mind. If you do, I can help you hunt down and kill J if you need to.

Lee said...

I don't know, my mom has the same wedding band but has replaced the engagement ring 3 times. And I'm still too much in love with my original one to have any feelings about a change in the future.

And I don't want Monday to come.