Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dude, what HAPPENED to you?

Have you ever seen a really, truly horrible professional photograph of someone you know, a picture so bad it made you literally do a double take and whip your head around for a second look, and then wonder WHAT IN THE CRAP DID THE "BAD" ONES LOOK LIKE if this is the best shot?

Am I going to hell for this?

God, I love Facebook.


Lee said...

Stop tempting me with Facebook! I do not want an account. I do not want an account. I do not want an account.

My Name Is Cat said...

How about a really horrible picture a person willingly posts on their own blog? What was I thinking?

Shana said...

Cat, you posted your photo on purpose to make a point. And, also, I have to say, if that's the worst photo you could find, you're doing okay because I have some of me that would burn the retinas out of any unsuspecting eyes that were to come upon them.

But this dude's facebook photo? He is like bragging with it, like, yo, chickies, check me out, I am hot. And it is like a bad driver's license photo that you would see in an SNL skit about bad driver's license photos. THAT BAD. Like funny bad, but he's totally not in on the joke.

And to think I had a crush on this doofus.

Deece said...

Facebook is fun. It's internet crack. After blogging. But before Twitter.

Lee - I don't know you, but I know that you do want a FB account. Ha ha!

Amy said...

LOL That is funny!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Don't pass go; straight to hell.

I'll be the one in the corner, chuckling.