Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hills Schmills

This hill may not look like much in this picture. But it is exactly what you DO NOT want to see when you have been running due north for 45 minutes, are almost four miles from home and decide to take a new route home. 

This is a big mother effing hill. I kid you not. That's a car at the top of the hill, for perspective. You can't even tell it's a car because the hill? It's that high.

I took out my cell phone and came THISCLOSE to calling Tim for a rescue ride, but instead I snapped the picture and kept on running. Because I'm tough like that. And because he probably wouldn't have answered his phone anyway.

I ran 6.25 miles, ate lunch, soaked in the bathtub. Now what? Laundry? Floor mopping? Actually finishing putting the Christmas crap in storage? Ransack son's room in search of additional contraband? So many choices. 


Lee said...

After that hill? Hope the rest of your run was downhill :)

Fantastic Forrest said...

You are a total stud. And by that I do not mean you know who (aka He Who Shall Not Be Our Waiter Ever Again) Hills are scary to me, and all I do is walk. Way to start this new year!!

Kathy said...

so did you choose "ransack kid's room" ???

HB said...

I am so inspired to take my camera on my next run outside - I have some hills! Of course now I am running on whimpy treadmill excpet for the long runs. Looks like a fun run!