Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The recession has hit home. In a big way. My eyebrows? Yeah did them myself. With Nair. And the Nair? Is the kind for your body, not your face, and is AT LEAST four years old, if not older. 

I used a q-tip, put it on my eyebrows, and left it on until it started to BURN LIKE THE FIRES OF HELL. Then I wiped it off, took a shower and OH MY GOD.

No photo. Because? I look like a circus freak. Hopefully it'll be better by tomorrow. Because I have an 8 a.m. deposition. If it doesn't get un-red? I don't know what I am going to do. Call in freaky? Holy hell.

What else is new tonight? Oh, a boy from Carlie's class called her on the phone tonight while I was at the gym. When I got home she told me about it. He is not one of the two or three boys that hang out with her little clique. He called her to ask a homework question. She said it was a weird question and she wasn't sure why he called her. How cute is that? But dear Lord I am not ready for this phase of life to happen with her. Boys and phone calls and whatnot. Not yet, please.

I worked all day today, then spent some time working on auction stuff. Fed Carlie dinner (left over turkey gumbo which is so delicious I wish I had another pot of it for tomorrow). Helped with homework, went to the gym, hit the shower (eyebrows first, then shower). And now? laundry is going and I am in bed, ready to play blog catch up and see what everyone else is up to.

I know I sound like the worst whiner ever when I go on about how hard work is when I don't even go out on jobs very day. But I am telling you, this job is freaking hard on the body. By the end of the day my shoulders and neck and wrists are aching. And the prospect of putting the transcript together now looms.

I have an episode of 24 and tonight's Lost to watch. And another depo tomorrow, auction stuff all day Friday and Saturday. Not sure when I get to take a breather, but I'm hoping it is soon.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Nair. On your eyebrows? Heh. That's something I would do. :-)

Oh! Guess what the word verification is?


I swear.

Dreamybee said...

Oh dear. Good luck with that.

I had no idea that the poor folks who suffered through the Dust Bowl were also afflicted with chemical burns from all of their at-home eyebrow removal. You just never hear about this kind of thing! ;)

Cat said...

You know I've never had my eyebrows professionally waxed. Oh, it's not that I'm vain because I think I've paid for about a year of my dermatologist's kids private school with all of the stuff he's done to me, but I won't pay someone to wax my brows.

Go to Ulta 3 and get those pre-shaped brow wax strips. That way you don't have to burn the caterpillars off.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Self eyebrow maintenance is scary. Over the summer I biffed up my waxing and pulled off part of my eyebrow skin.

Yes, eyelid scabs. Very sexy.

Kathy said...

doesn't the can of Nair give a warning about using close to the eye? As in do not do it? I'd be afraid of causing blindness or something stupid like that..LOL

Lee said...

Humm, I'll stick with my trusty old tweezers!

Fantastic Forrest said...

Did you check all your body parts for burning? I'll bet your ears were burning too. Because I was talking about you over on my blog. Hee hee. Check it out!