Saturday, January 24, 2009


Let the gaming begin...

I've set up a spreadsheet on Google Docs. I don't think you need to have a Google account to access it, but if you do it's a freebie to set one up. And in fact, doesn't Google own Blogger? So if you have a Blogger account, that will suffice. Here's the link.

The Oscars will air Feb. 22. I'll be in New Orleans, so no Oscar viewing party for me (drats!) but I'll probably twitter/facebook my way through it. If I am not in a drunken stupor in the French Quarter. Either/Or.

Here's how the pool works:
Add your name to the top of the spreadsheet. Mark your choices, one per category, in some manner. Answer the tie-breaking question just in case. Pay Pal $20 to me at That's it. It's a winner take all pool. The person who gets the most correct answers wins.

The spreadsheet will go into lockdown on Feb. 20, so all selections have to be made before midnight 2/20/09. Tie breaker answer has to be locked in at that time also.

TIE BREAKER: In honor of the 2009 Oscar host, Mr. Hugh Jackman, the tie breaker question is: what will the temperature be on Oscar day in Sydney Australia? Give your answer in degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature will be determined by The Weather Channel and will be the temperature reading at the Sydney Airport at 8 p.m. on 2/20/09.

All right. Who's in? I need to start seeing some movies, pronto.


Barrie said...

I cannot believe how few of the noms I've seen. I am so out of it!

Kathy said...

I've seen many and still have several to see...what a fabulous list of choices. Milk and The Reader are phenomonal! A stellar year at the box office!!

HB said...

I don't think I have seen any of these. Training Buddy & I are going to go see Milk and I want to see RR so bad - I heart the dark, depressing movies. I'll do some research, consult the Osacr Gods & plop down $20.

Cat said...

I don't think I've seen any of the major nominees, so I guess I'm out