Saturday, February 14, 2009

All About the Cinema

This has been quite the cinematic stretch for me. Three days in a row of movies. Last night I saw Friday the 13th. In a word: it sucked. That's two words. Oh well. It sucked. Now, you might be saying to yourself right about now, duh. And, you're right. But still, it didn't necessarily have to suck thaaaaat bad. And it did.

Maybe Jason and I just know each other too well after all these years of remakes and updates and sequels. But I found nothing in this movie worthy of a shriek or a scream, other than the poor writing and bad acting. If you're into naked jiggling breasts, get thee to the theatre stat, because there's plenty of that.

I had hoped that one of my TV favorite hotties, Jared Padalecki, would find his moment to shine on the big screen. But, it wasn't meant to be.

The story of how I ended up at this movie to begin with when the theaters are overrun with great movies? I went with a friend. Her husband bought the tickets. And he sent her and I to the movie as his Valentine gift to his wife. Because he hates horror and she loves it. So, my ticket was free, the company was good AND I was a gift. That makes the evening less than a total bust. And since my backup plan was to hang at Carlie's Girl Scout meeting, I'm calling the evening a success.

The scariest thing about this rated R movie was the fact that people brought kids to it. Seriously. How stupid can someone be?

Thursday night I was scheduled to see Rachel Getting Married with friends. We hit happy hour before the movie, and we ended up getting to the theatre too late for the movie, so we saw Revolutionary Road instead.

I liked it. A lot. I've heard from others who did not like it. I can see how it would not be everyone's cup of tea. But for me, I could really relate to Kate Winslet's character, who basically is going through the motions of being a suburban mom and housewife, but knows that she's destined for something bigger. Because she's special.

Don't we all think we're special? Aren't we all meant for greatness? Please tell me that it's not just Kate and I struggling with this.  

Also, got to give a shout out to the best happy hour ever. Great food, good cocktails and excellent service. If you're in Portland looking for a place to hang, check out Southpark.  

And tonight, I'm going to see Twilight. Again. With Erinna. Again. I've seen it once, with her. She's seen it I think four times. But it has now made it down to the $3 cinema, so we're going to see it one more time. Before it comes out on DVD and then we buy it and watch it once a week. Did I mention that Erinna really likes this movie?

New twist tonight, though. We're taking Tim. Shhhhh. He thinks we're going to see The Day The Earth Stood Still. But we're actually going to Twilight instead. It's a Valentine Surprise! Won't he be excited!?


Rogue Scholar said...

That is my ULTIMATE pet peeve!! When people bring their kids to a horror flick!! We went and saw Silent Hill when it came out (not my choice) and there were people sitting in front of us with little kds (like 5 or 6 yrs old). I had my eyes closed the whole time... I'm not sure how those kids watched it.

I have yet to see Twilight. I think I'm still boycotting it. My friend and I plan on watching it when it comes to On Demand.

Fantastic Forrest said...

If you decide you haven't seen Twilight enough, let me know. I am willing to watch it for the first time with a true fan. Which you clearly are.

As for Revolutionary Road, I loved it too. And I loved happy hour with you. Check out this for a really great examination of the movie:

Keetha said...

I still haven't seen Twilight.

Haven't seen Revolutionary Road but I read the book, which was incredible, and when I heard Kate Winslet was playing April, I thought, "YES." Perfect casting.