Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 2 Photo Highlights, in reverse order for whatever reason

The gang, all jacked up on crawfish, prepping for the 200 mile walk back to the ferry.

Feast No. 3 of the day... super spicy boiled crawfish. And beer. A table of tourists next to us was overheard whispering "Look at how they make those babies eat those crawfish."

In case you were wondering what the NOLA open container law is, it's okay to walk around with PLASTIC containers, just no metal or glass. Good to know.

Because? People do get thirsty. Sheesh.

Frozen daquiris. Sludgy deliciousness with a straw. Flavor of choice? White Russian, but that's just me.

Our first stop after the ferry ride, The aquarium. This was in the rain forest.


Keetha said...

It should be the huge ass beer sign but it's the crawfish photo I keep going back to. YUM.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I wish someone would *make me* eat crawfish. Yummy.

I still need to get my butt down there sometime.

Jen on the Edge said...

White Russian daquiris? That sounds divine!!!