Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 5 review

Day Five was our most jam packed day so far. There were three day parades and one night parade. And unlike Saturday, we didn’t have a friend with an awesome house to hang out at. We were on the streets. All day.

We got a late start and didn’t get out to the parade route until noon, so we missed the first day parade. But Carlie made up for it by making the most of the next two parades and hauling in an assload of loot. She had a blast and was once again hustling with the best of them.

Then we had a three hour break, spent at a playground and eating lunch, before Bacchus rolled. It was kind of a disappointment. Part of the problem was the parade was very stop and go. So there would be a five minute stretch of no movement, and then when they moved they’d haul it to make up the time, so floats ended up either sitting there doing nothing or whizzing by.

The low light of the evening: Carlie was down on the street (as opposed to perched on the ladder) and came back from being float side with an armload of beads. And dripping wet. Literally dripping. Not damp, but DRIPPING. Someone on the float had obviously leaned down to hand her the beads or something and spilled their drink. Which was a pina colada.

Thank God she was able to laugh it off and I had leftover paper towels in my purse from lunch. We got her cleaned up and she was good to go. Unlike Saturday night, when SHE bumped into ME, causing ¼ cup of wine to be spilled on her leg, one leg, between the ankle and the knee. She cried hysterically about that. But a full pina colada on the head? No problem. Whatever.

Photos and tales of the after-parade trauma that was us trying to return the borrowed ladder and haul all of our shit back to the car, coming soon. Oh, and remind me to tell you about the soiled underpants that I picked up in the dark, thinking it was a tee shirt. Good times! But tonight it’s early to bed for me. I am exhausted. And we have our day at the races tomorrow. Can’t believe our visit is winding down. Wow.

PS: Wrote this Sunday night but couldn't get an internet connection to post it, so am posting it Monday morning. And we're off...


Keetha said...

I am so enjoying this blogcast of Mardi Gras.

grabthebull (kt) said...

You're gonna leave us hanging on the soiled underpants?????!!!!!!!!

Nap Warden said...

Ummmm...I'm scared about the underpants:O

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Oh! I'm scared about the underpants too. Tell us. I think.