Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friday Highlights

A brief review of my night away, before I head out for a dinner at our church. The Sweetheart's Dinner. For adults, without their kids. Do you see a theme this weekend? We were actually supposed to still be away on our casino adventure, but came home this afternoon, so we'll sneak into the Sweetheart's dinner without RSVP'ing and hope no one will care since it is, well, church and all.

Styx was actually a lot of fun. But Tommy Shaw is the only original member, which led me to call them Styk all night, which cracked me up, because I amuse myself that way.
These two photos are from the Styx web site, but these are the guys that we saw, and this appears to be a current pic of Tommy Shaw because this is exactly how he looked last night. And no, HB, he does not appear to have had any work done. He looked good, looked his age of 46 years in a good way. And is still quite petite.
After the concert we played video poker and slots again. I kicked ass at video poker and walked away with $40 after starting with $5. Overall, I left the casino with $0 after starting with $40. Yes, I am totally high stakes like that. I will say that I did have $40 worth of fun gambling, so it's not a loss but an investment, right? And we started the whole deal out with a $100 voucher for the casino, never did add any of our own money. So it was all free! And, Lee, we kept it cheap because we did NOT buy Tim a shirt at the gift shop. He had to wear his sweatshirt and keep his holey tee shirt under wraps. Natural consequences.

He did, however, get a toothbrush from the front desk after being informed that, no, he couldn't just use mine.

Romantic highlight of the night away: have you ever been making out with someone, and your stomach makes some really loud and obnoxious sounds, so loud that the someone says, "What in the hell is that?" and you're all, like, it's just my stomach. And then you kind of pass out? Yeah, romance at its finest.

But there's a reason that my stomach was out of sorts. And that reason? We had $100 voucher to spend at the casino restaurant. And casino food? Is cheap. And no cash back. So we ate. A lot. And as I have mentioned, oh, I don't know, about 100,000,000,000 times, I lost 45 lbs last year. And the way I did that, besides running? Is I don't eat. Seriously. I pick. I nibble. I consume food and live a happy life. But I don't EAT the way we ATE Friday night. I'm talking crab stuffed mushrooms, crab and spinach dip, shrimp cocktail, a salad, a freaking lobster tail and then creme broule for dessert at the restaurant. And a lava cake to go, for later. Seriously. Is it any wonder my stomach had something to say about it later that night?

So my mission for the next week is to get back on a clean eating regiment and be able to button my jeans for my trip to New Orleans on 2/18. I also want to complete a nine mile run before I leave town on 2/18. Hey, shut up. I can dream.

Leaving now to eat more food! It is possible that this lifestyle is why the rest of the world hates America. Just saying.


Amy said...

My tummy hurts. Overall it sounds rad!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time!

Fantastic Forrest said...

So I missed something - like how you got the $100 food voucher to begin with. Tell all, or provide a link to your earlier explanation.

HB said...

What is it about mediocre casino food that makes you think if I eat more it will taste better? Or maybe this was good - too good to stop eating. Glad you had fun & thanks for the Tommy update. I don't think I could ever talk Hubby into going to Styk - Training Buddy might go.

Anna See said...

natural consequences-- i love it!

bernthis said...

Hey are you going for Mardi Gras? I went to college in New Orleans, 3 mardi gras- have a blast and bring Aspirin

San Diego Momma said...

I LOVED Tommy Shaw! Did he sing Too Much Time on My Hands?

Of all the band members, I think Tommy is a good one to have stayed (Dennis DeYoung woulda been cool, too. Wait. Why do they get to call themselves Styx...wasn't it DD's band?

OH! And remember that other guy whose hair looked like dog ears?

But this was about you.

And the creme brulee and the lava cake and the growling stomach.

Sounds fun!

Also? I'm leaving babbling comments all over the blogosphere tonight. I apologize that you are in my wake.

Good God. That didn't make sense.

******leaves quietly*****