Thursday, February 12, 2009

Movie Night

In 10 minutes, two of my favorite friends will arrive at my house and off we shall go to meet up with additional fabulous friends for a quick happy hour drink and a movie. The movie? Rachel Getting Married. Or Rachel Gets Married. Or something like that. I've never even heard of it. But do I care? No. Because? Movie night with the girls! Yay!

I'm all, yay!, now, but a couple of hours ago I was so not yay. I was more like boo! hiss! bah! humbug! Because? I'm turning into a very cranky old lady. And when I thought of myself as a cranky old lady, I realized that my birthday is next week. And I am wondering if that is part of my current funk. Consciously? I do not care about my birthday. I don't really care about turning 43. 43 seems no worse than 42, frankly, or even 40 or 38. My big trauma birthday was 28. I was miserable at turning 28. The transition from early 20's to older than early 20's was too much for my fragile psyche to handle. But since then, I haven't really consciously stressed about birthdays. But as I search for the root of my "issues" of late, I'm ready to grasp any straw. Because I can't fix what's broke until I figure out what's broke. And all I know right now is I am broken.

Maybe a martini and a movie will be the cure? I kind of think it'll be more like a Band-aid. But I'll take what I can get.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

You? Are a young-un at 43. Spring chicken.

Have fun at the movies.

Now I want popcorn.

Amy said...

Movie was great (Revolutionary Road), though it will take me some time to process it and formulate my thoughts because I had some pretty profound moments in that film.

Not to mention that I was seriously distracted by the news on the homefront that there was dischord. Got home, figured out what happened, so grateful that everyone is okay and mighty fucking pissed that my son experienced what he did tonight. Mighty FUCKING pissed. Anyway...

Thanks for the ride and the company and letting me hang with you cool cats! :D

Janet said...

Get a pirate'll make you smile :-) Hope the movie was good!

HB said...

Training Buddy & I went to Rachel Getting Married Thursday night as well!! What did you think of it? Too funny - it was part of the New London film fest. I liked it but when it was over all we could think was "Christ - I need a beer!" So we went and had one and discussed past bad behavior. Don't stress about the birthday - it's better than the alternative and I'm two years older than you!