Wednesday, February 18, 2009

this place is a goldmine

So far I have found a box of eight track tapes and my box of Barbie clothes. And that is just in walking in and putting down my bags without so much as opening a closet.

Damn you, continental airlines, and your absurd checked bag fees. How am I going to get this shit home?

I know! I'll drink more wine and the answer will reveal itself to me.


Kathy said...

consuming copious amounts of wine is always, always the answer! And what about a carry on, can't you and Carlie each have one in overhead baggage? Or does that question date me as to how long its been since I've flown?

Keetha said...

That is THE COOLEST. Besides the bicentennial wallpaper. That really is the coolest. Honey, you're going to have to ship that stuff home. No way can you leave it.

Cat said...

John Denver. My one true fake-boyfriend love. The record I ever bought was John Denver. You know what? I still love him, and it still makes me sad that he died.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Call Continental and bitch them out about the others on your plane you didn't pay the fee and get them to waive it for your return.

See if there is a Continental Mastercard you can apply for or something like that so that they will waive the fee. We are flying an airline that offers that. Which reminds me, I need to apply for that now before spring break hits.

Dreamybee said...

Flat-rate boxes from the post office. Seriously, you can mail as much as you want as long as it fits in the box. I think a friend of mine mailed about 80 lbs. worth of stuff to Korea in like 3 of those boxes!

Also, Happy (late) Birthday!