Thursday, March 12, 2009


The solution to Carlie's boredom. We went to the mall. Because? Gift cards left over from Christmas and birthday. Carlie's exact request was, "Mom, do you think everyone is finished returning things from Christmas yet," because that's the line I have been feeding her for almost THREE MONTHS. No, honey, we can't go to the mall because of the after Christmas crowds. (Yes, I do realize that some day she will be able to see right through my bullshit stories but not yet, so, yay!)

Anyway. We went to the mall. She had a gift card for Claire's, one for Sweet Factory and a generic "mall gift card" for any store.

There is a point to this. Thank you for hanging with me this long.

The Sweet Factory. Do you have one of these at your mall? If not, it's a candy store. Just candy. Lots of candy. Sweet candy, sour candy, gummy candy, crunchy candy, chocolate candy. Mix and match candy, candy by the pound.

What kind of deviant mind gives a child a Sweet Factory gift card for her 10th birthday?

Actually, I think it is kind of genius and I'm jealous that I didn't think of it myself. But I am totally claiming this as my own move and guess what the nieces and nephews will be getting for their birthdays henceforth? Candy! Candy, Candy and More Candy!

Do you have a "signature gift" move? In the past, I did cowboy boots for the nieces and nephews, which has always been a HUGE SUCCESS, but that has gotten kind of difficult size-wise as the kids have gotten older. But now? Candy for everyone. Their parents are going to LOVE me.


Jen on the Edge said...

I have five nephews who have gotten:

Backpacks filled with "treasures" (goldfish crackers, small plastic toys, stickers, etc.) when they're three.

Personalized superhero capes when they're four.

Pirate gear when they're five.

They all got wind-up flashlights this year for Christmas.

Yes, I am their favorite aunt.

HB said...

When my nieces & nephew were little - I'd get anything that made ALOT of loud noise. My brother was truly touched - and since I don't have kids - his only revenge has been to send our Christmas presents to us in February - whatever.....

Kathy said...

yeah, where were you when I was growing up?!!

the mama bird diaries said...

God, I love candy. More than my kids.

Maggie May said...

oh i lOVE The sweet shop! we are going to the mall this weekend and i feel an evil urge...

Nap Warden said...

I was notorious for buying loud presents for my nephew...then I had kiddos of my own...No loud gifts;P