Wednesday, April 29, 2009

and it is not even National Cleavage Day UPDATE: It's official, I am whacked

Imagine my surprise when I left work, went to the post office and saw my reflection in the glass door as I am walking into the post office. Seriously. And it's not even National Cleavage Day. My bad.

In news unrelated to me being slutty, I am THISCLOSE to registering for a Half Marathon on June 7. Even if you don't run, click on the link and tell me if it doesn't look like the BEST TIME EVER. Except for, like, the running 13.1 miles part. But still.

UPDATE: I just registered for the half marathon. Pray for my soul.

UPDATE 2: Fuck! As soon as I paid for the race and went to book the hotel, I learn the hotel is booked full. Did I mention... fuck!

UPDATE 3: There's another hotel right next door, but the dickhead desk guy is only booking for two nights on marathon weekend, not single nights. DICKHEAD.

UPDATE 4: OK. Booking a room three blocks away in what appears to be a quite seedy "inn" with no views and "locking bathrooms just down the hall."

UPDATE 5: Praise the Lord, the no tell motel had a room with an "in suite private bath" as opposed to the "locking bathrooms just down the hall." So I booked it. It's official. I am running a half marathon June 7.


Tiffany said...

I was seriously considering joining you on that run... and then I did a little google mapping and realized that you are 13 hours from me. So, huh, yeah, that's a beautiful run! Enjoy it!! :D

Kathy said... Not one small, tiny detail of that looks like fun to me. But you can tell me all about it over a bottle of vino! :-)

Janet said...

lol you should've seen me last Saturday in my bridesmaid dress.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Half marathon? Cool.

Get a good bra. ;-)

Anna See said...

nice rack. have fun in the 1/2 marathon. i am impressed on both counts!

OneTiredEma said...

Oh jeez, does this mean I have to register for the 10K on June 7?

*cries from sheer exhaustion and horrific runs this week*

Gah! Don't make me!

katydidnot said...

i fainted a little bit when i scrolled down to the cleavage. booyah baby.

HB said...

I would so run that with you if I wasn't on the East coast - Ok maybe I'd so be at the end cheering for you with a bottle of champagne. Either way - this looks like good fun and 13.1 miles - you can do that just rolling out of bed you runner you!

dkuroiwa said...

Please tell me where you bought your running bra 'cause if you and your girls can go running, me and mine can surely go walking-really-fast without anyone getting hurt!

Damn but I need to come back to 'the real world' where cleavage has its own day....or two!

Keetha said...

You're rocking that cleavage. No shame!