Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Well, go figure

I am rescinding my blanket statement from earlier that the only people who don't like David Sedaris must be stupid. Because? I received an email from a someone who I know for a fact is stupid, and yet they claim to enjoy David Sedaris.

Go figure.


katydidnot said...

i am not commenting. because i read brainless crap.

(not you.)

(i didn't mean to imply that your blog is crap.)

(it's really good. like i imagine david sedakis to be.)

(sedakis? that doesn't sound right.)

katydidnot said...


david sedaris.

(neil sadakis?)

(who is neil sadakis? is that a person?)

katydidnot said...
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katydidnot said...

okay, sorry, had to delete. because i screwed up and put my friend jeffrey's yahoo ID in there by mistake, so now, without that:

neil sedaka: He's a singer from he 60s or 70s. Maybe even 50s. Not sure if he's still alive.

that's what my friend jeffrey says.

katydidnot said...


Fantastic Forrest said...

Hey. What the - ?! I sent you an email that said I like Sedaris.

Or maybe I just thought about it.

He'll be at Powell's next Wed., you know.....

Fantastic Forrest said...

And I'm not stupid.

The Girl from the Ghetto said...

That is some funny shit. I adore him too.