Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Prompt Tuesday - The Blind Date Edition

THE PREMISE: Please describe a blind date. Make it up or give us a little truth is stranger than fiction. Bonus points and adoration from afar: If you make it up, include “Finland”,“chenille robe”, and “casserole” in your submission.

Any blind date that starts out with a casserole? Is destined to be a bad one.

 This was her thought as she pulled the bubbling dish from the oven. Honestly? Who meets a *new potential* at an office potluck – at an office where one does not even work? This had to be some kind of new low.

Of course, based on her sister's description, she had no choice but to go. The *perfect* guy only comes along every so often, right? At least the *perfect* guy who is also straight, available and gainfully employed, with the added perk of being new in town, after a transfer from Finland, making him particularly vulnerable to the charms of her secret recipe (cribbed from finnishcooking.com).

As she hung her chennile robe on the hook and started to dress for the party, she mentally recounted all of the *perfect* guys her sister had introduced her to in the past six months. And she almost put the robe back on and tucked into that casserole straight from the pan.

But, alas, hope springs eternal.
  Ever the optimist, she put on her faux-office attire and headed out the door.

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Miss M said...

Nicely done! I love the casserole inclusion :)

Anna See said...

i love this! i'd read the book.

Nej said...

So....do they live happily ever after????? :-) :-)

Great post!

San Diego Momma said...

Nice smooth injection of weird words I picked out of my butt.

As usual, I would read more.

Joanie said...

Well done!