Friday, October 23, 2009

Random things on the SD card in my camera

First up... Helpful Hints from So Not Heloise. I just *mopped* my kitchen floor, wherein *mopped* = sprayed the dirty spots (ie the entire floor) with 409 and ran a washcloth over it. With my foot. I may possibly be the worst housekeeper of all time.
Next two photos: The newly recovered dining chairs. Sweet! Thanks to my friend Cheryl for teaching me how to do it, and then basically doing 95% of the work for me while I kind of passed out with my labrythitis. This is why people want to hang with me. I'm a laugh a minute, what with the turning white and tipping over in the middle of the crafting projects and such.

But seriously, how awesome are these chairs? I got the fabric FOR FREE from a friend who bought the entire bolt on clearance and then just used a skosh of it on an arm chair! Score!
The chairs are mid-century Swedish. I bought a table plus six chairs at a garage sale for $300. I recently sold the table for $550 and was offered $100 for each of the chairs, but decided to recover and reuse them because dining chairs? Even cheap ones? Are flipping expensive. Who knew.

And feast your eyes on this. CANDY! From ISRAEL! For ME! Who doesn't love getting packages in the mail, especially when they contain CHOCOLATE! Exotic Middle Eastern chocolate, no less! Thanks, Kate. You are the awesomest. I'm still waiting for a chance to repay you, though, with some goodies from "home." Just say the word!

So there you go. Random photos from my SD card. You're welcome.
Okay, so kind of a lame ass blog post. But this was the best excuse I could come up with to (a) get away from Carlie and (b) not clean my house.
Carlie had two teeth pulled this morning. She was, like, an f'ing rock star through the entire thing. Came out all smiles with her two teeth in a baggie (BTW, how much does the tooth fairy pay for *pulled* teeth? I was told it is a premium.) We've been home for about an hour now and the numbness is wearing off, and the soreness is setting in, and my rock star has kind of turned into *Amy Winehouse*, wherein I perceive *Amy Winehouse* to be an extremely high maintenance pain in the ass whiner. OK. Your mouth hurts. I GET IT. But really, does moaning help it feel better? Sheesh.
Also, we have a realtor coming over to show the house, which is kind of a sty at the moment. Which I guess I'll go and tackle now. Please send all of your good karma house-selling vibes this way because I WANT OUT and I want it NOW. Thanks. xoxo


Cat said...

The chairs are fabulous and the floor looks pretty good too.

Jen on the Edge said...

Grace had four teeth pulled last fall and the Tooth Fairy dropped $5/tooth. Insane, I know, but it was the promise of $$$ that got Grace into the oral surgeon's chair. And it was the lure of $$$ that kept her there when all she wanted to do was run for the hills.

San Diego Momma said...

We have the same kitchen tile!

We are best friends now obviously.

Call me!

katydidnot said...

that's how i always clean my floor. i do not own a mop. my mom bought me one last time she visited, but then i lost it. where lost means threw it away.