Monday, November 2, 2009

Looking for some un-suck

Things that suck:

I had to LAY on the BED to BUTTON my JEANS. For real.

The only food that sounds appealing to me AT ALL is CANDY. In Mass Quantities.

My house is STILL not SOLD. We're taking it off the market at the end of November and my dreams of downsizing into a cute townhouse on the riverfront will be DEAD. For now.

Carlie has a tummy ache. AGAIN.

We have NO GROCERIES in the house and NO PAYCHECK on the immediate horizon.

I have ZERO jobs scheduled for the next two weeks. ZERO.

I REGISTERED FOR and PAID FOR another HALF MARATHON in January. Immediate buyer's remorse after clicking PAY NOW. WTH was I thinking? Ack.

I can feel my holiday funk creeping into my bones. This is always a difficult time of year for me. I need a strategy to head it off. How do you beat the blues? And quick -- name something that DOES NOT SUCK. Puppies and kitties don't count.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Can't help ya. Here's something else that sucks: "Fun Size" candies. There is nothing fun about those small-ass bags of M&Ms.

Anonymous said...

are you doing the vancouver 1/2? Want company? I feel your pain with the jeans.


Cat said...

What I make you feel better by sucking worse? I woke up at 5am because I can't get used to the time change and then I noticed my stomach hurt. It's now 8am, and it still hurts. I have a too much Halloween candy belly ache. I'm 45 freakin' years old, and I've eaten too much Halloween candy.

Keetha said...

Going for a brisk walk?

Hello. My name is lame.

I'll try to think of ways to make the sucking stop.

Anna See said...

dancing babies??

sorry. can't think of much. still in a candy stupor.

Kathy said...

a friend who will ALWAYS feed you nourishing meals with copious amounts of vino...xo

OneTiredEma said...

Have you tried the Bamba yet?

I need your feedback :)

chacha said...

I am not a holiday person either. Except Thanksgiving because it's all about cooking, eating, and drinking in "Mass Quantities".

Sorry to hear about the no jobs thing - I feel your pain. I am still the only one employed in my household. Makes that $3K mortgage payment that much harder. Maybe another reason why I don't like Christmas. Who needs all those stinkin' gifts?