Monday, January 4, 2010

Seriously, 2010? This is how you want to start?

I know that we've been in the new year for four days now, but for me, the new year begins today with the end of winter break and the resumption of real life. Is resumption a word?

Here's how I kicked off my 2010. First up, a 7:30 a.m. violin lesson for Carlie before school. Awesome. She was really pumped and excited to get up and going this morning. NOT. Before heading out I made her a sack lunch for school. Guess what? We have no food.

After the lesson, I drove her to school with a CARLOAD of cardboard for recycling, wherein CARLOAD = this weekend we bought a bench. Assembled it and it was broken -- we discovered that after breaking down the 2 tons of cardboard that each separate piece of the bench was wrapped in. Took it back to World Market and got another one... unassembled AND, as a bonus, wrapped in another 2 tons of cardboard. Long story short, we ended up not only buying the bench but also two chairs and a love seat (for staging purposes) and they were ALL wrapped in TONS of CARDBOARD.

So when I say a CARLOAD of CARDBOARD, I am not dramatizing.

There is a recycling bin at Carlie's school, so I headed to the dumpster sized bin to unload the cardboard. Guess what? Everyone else in our parish apparently had the same idea, because that sucker was FULL. Guess what else? My husband DID NOT break down the cardboard, leaving me the task of breaking down boxes WITH MY FEET in the RAIN to fit them into the bin.

2010=awesome so far! But wait! There's more!

The 15 minutes of WRESTLING with CARDBOARD in the rain somehow jostled my Blackberry out of my pocket. So when I walked back to my car, I happened to look down, at a puddle, and what do I see? My (a) Blackberry, it's (b) battery cover and (c) battery, in three separate pieces, fully submerged in the puddle.

Today is my first "real" day of 2010. And it's only 8:30 a.m. I'm seriously afraid for what this new year might hold for me.

UPDATE: phone is dried out and reassembled... working, but not well. freezing up. crap crap crap


Tiffany said...

Wow. Much suckage.

It can only go up from here??!

Go back to bed and start over again.

Cat said...

Did you forget to eat your black eyed peas, too?

Anna See said...

ick! ick! ick!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

You need a do-over. And a stiff drink at 8:30. So sorry 2010 is being such a bitch.

Keetha said...

Oh. My. That sucks!

Go back to bed and start over.