Saturday, February 13, 2010

Because Tomorrow is Valentine's Day...

Things that I love (in no particular order):

Stinky cheeses.
Girlfriend movie night.
Sleeping in.
The river.
"The Breakfast Club" and
"Sixteen Candles," in equal measure.
Holding babies.
Jeans that fit right.
Oysters on the half shell.
Snuggly covers.
A clean house.
That "new car" smell.
"The Way We Were."
Tomato soup.
High school stories.
Johnny Depp.
My kids.
Flannel pajama pants.
Boiled crawfish.
Vaseline lip therapy.
"Project Runway."
Diet coke with lime.
Watching "How I Met Your Mother" with Carlie Belle.
Going home.
My Kindle.
The Saints.
Pajama days.
Iris on Skype.
Kayaking for wussies.
My Blackberry.

Happy Valentine's Day Eve.


Anonymous said...

Bradley called. He's hurt that he didn't make the list. He cried a little.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

I must must must copy you. Because I love this.

And you.

Happy Valentine's Eve <3

Anna See said...

love the list! can we still be friends even though i hate tomato soup? i do love "the b'fast club" and "sixteen candles"

katydidnot said...

your list makes me almost not hate valentine's day. *almost*

Linda in CO said...

Shana, I just came to your blog from bbp. Love this list.
And just wanted to commisserate...I'm 5 days post-op, home with two tubes hanging out of me that HURT. Up until the day before the surgery, my husband wasn't even talking about going to the hospital with me. I told him he HAD to be there. Bless his heart, he's been nothing but appreciative of what I do all day long ever since. He keeps telling me "I had NO idea".
Anyway, feel better soon. Love your blog.
Linda in CO

Anonymous said...

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Keetha said...

Yes to Breakfast Club and yes to Sixteen Candles. Yes, yes, yes.

Happy Valentine's! Hope it was a decent one.

Janet said...

mmmm, Johnny Depp :-) and stinky cheese! and oysters! mushrooms! come I identify most with your food items?